See: Prides release new video for Messiah

Prides are so good that they do everything twice. I’m not kidding. Their single ‘Out Of The Blue’ was released April 2013, then again in December 2014. ‘Higher Love’ has two music videos because the main one wasn’t ready in time and, sticking with that trend, ‘Messiah’ has been given a new lease of life with a brand new video, too.

The original video to ‘Messiah’ showed us two unholy priests who seemed to enjoy burying bodies in the Scottish highlands, and the only time you saw the band was when they tried to hitchhike from the side of the road. You see more of the trio in this new production, and lead singer Stewart Brock seems to take on the role of Prince Charming, helping a girl to her feet and then only appearing again in her mind.

Is he her Messiah? I don’t know, but after holding his hand once she seems to have the uncontrollable urge to dance across the streets of Glasgow, encouraging everyone she sees to join in. The band perform against a background of bright lights and they can’t stand still, either. It’s like the song has bewitched everyone, just as it does when Prides perform it live in front of a crowd.

If you like dancing (and who doesnt?) you’ll be dancing along to ‘Messiah’ just as all the people do in this music video. It’s a fun, inspiring, feel-good kind of song, and you’ll feel better for listening to it, I promise. Now, press play and dance.

Watch the (new) video to ‘Messiah’ below:

Prides’ début album The Way Back Up will be released on 10th July 2015, featuring ‘Messiah’, ‘Out of the Blue’, and ‘Higher Love’.
Pre-order the album, along with exclusive t-shirts and “fanified” posters, here:

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