We’ve written about Stockholm shoegazers Star Horse before. and so to discover they’re back with a new single, out now through Häxrummet Records on 7” vinyl with B-side ‘Wherever You’ (you can be ordered over at the groups bandcamp) was too good an opportunity to miss.

Described by the band as ‘A melancholy ode to those already longing for their favorite autumn scarves, it urges you to abandon the hedonistic pleasures of summer for a quiet evening of knitting and reminiscing about times when you were truly happy’, it opens with these Cocteau like guitars, slightly sour but somehow alluring, before its sets off on its truly wistful way, the dreamy vocals of Maja referencing it seems, both Bjork and Elizabeth Frazer, as it swirls towards a close, these echoey and treble heavy guitars somehow guiding the song on.

Truly, lovely stuff.