News: Garth Adam Marks Triumphant Return With ‘Say You’ll Come With Me’ EP

Amidst geographical and pandemic-induced hurdles, Garth Adam makes a triumphant comeback with his latest EP, ‘Say You’ll Come With Me’. The project, a testament to perseverance, brings forth a burst of optimism in the face of adversity.

The up-tempo title track, ‘Say You’ll Come With Me’, stands as a high-spirited anthem, rooted in Garth’s lyrical exploration of breaking free and journeying along Australia’s picturesque Eastern coastline. Despite the pandemic challenges, the EP is a long-overdue release, reflecting Garth’s resilience and creative prowess.

‘Forever and a Day’, while maintaining an uplifting tone, draws inspiration from the tragic loss of his partner’s father, adding a layer of depth to the EP. The poignant track demonstrates Garth’s ability to infuse personal experiences into his music, creating a resonant and emotional connection with listeners.

Closing the three-track venture is the punchy and percussive pop-rocker, ‘Tell Me One Thing’. The song takes a whimsical yet sharp look at the dynamics of a tumultuous relationship, where two individuals persist through ups and downs. Garth Adam’s signature blend of catchy melodies and insightful lyrics shines through in this energetic finale.

Garth Adam, reflecting on the recording process, shares, “It was a happy session in Perth recording the EP, and that’s reflected in the way it turned out.” Collaborating with longtime friend Dave Kelly and Melvin Tree, Garth played all the instruments, creating a collaborative and intimate studio environment. Lisa and Keely O’Brien added the finishing touch with their wonderful backing vocals.

The EP is a product of a particularly fruitful creative period for Garth Adam, marked by increased dedication to writing and recording. Having evolved from his early days recording at Willie Nelson’s studio in Austin, TX, Garth’s solo journey has embraced a distinctive brand of folk-influenced pop. Describing his sound as “somewhere between Neil Finn and the Lumineers, with a little Coldplay and James Blunt,” Garth Adam’s music resonates thematically with tales of physical and personal journeys.

With a discography spanning two decades, Garth Adam’s ‘Say You’ll Come With Me’ EP solidifies his place as a seasoned artist with a unique and recognisable voice and style.

Listen below:

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