Premiere: Baby’s Beserk reveal new cover of ‘Bangalee’ taken from forthcoming Bongo Joe comp.


Swiss cross genre label Bongo Joe have kicked off their 5th year with a new compilation ‘Futur Antérieur’ that sees the current roster take on songs from their back catalogue. The compilation features the likes of Yin Yin, Mauskovic Dance Band, Derya Yildirim, Meridian Brothers, L’eclair, Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp and Baby’s Beserk, who’s take on Charlie Adamson’s Bangalee we’re delighted to premiere on Backseat Mafia today.

Originally an Afro-Caribbean Calypso from the Bahamas, Amsterdam/Toronto trio Baby’s Beserk have wrapped it up in a coat of psych and post-punk, making it foggy with this electronic hue prevalent – soaked as it is in synths and scattered with percussion. It’s a mysterious, alluring little gem of a version.

Of the track the band say “With our cover of Bangalee we wanted to radically modernize the sound and really push forward certain elements we love while staying true to Adamson’s storytelling. 
The infectious vocal melody has been pumped up and taken over by vintage casio toy keyboards as the driving bass guides the song’s rhythmic pulse. 
Also we like the idea of having Lieselot sing this one, because changing the gender perspective of the story is always fun!

Check it out, here

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