You might recognise the music of Novo Amor, aka Cardiff based mult-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Ali Lacey from the latest Expedia advert, which uses his song From Gold, the lead track from his debut EP Woodgate, NY. Or maybe you’ve seen BONES, or Teen Mom, or Made in Chelsea or others, all of which have used his songs.

What you may not have heard though, is his latest single, Anchor. You need to. Taking the lead from troubadours such as Bon Iver and Sufjan Stevens, Lacy has managed to create something uniquely his own. Its music to lie on your bed and stare at the ceiling (you’ve seen those moments in teen dramas, right?), the moment where the cry just manages to stay down in the throat, that sort of music. Its raw, and emotion driven, his guitar seemingly soaked in emotion, as his quite beautiful falsetto vocal draped over the top of things, as even the electric guitars sigh between verses.

It just might be the most beautiful thing we’ve heard this year. Check it out, here