See: Yo La Tengo release video for Cure cover “Friday I’m In Love”

It was a seemingly innocuous series of events that lead to the apocalypse. Remember when we greeted the start of the weekend with unnecessary cheery pictures of cats, or babies, or even frogs on social media?  Finally some watching intelligence must have tired of this folderol marking the appearance of a perfectly normal day. Why must Monday be blue? Maybe I do care about Thursday?

And all it took was a gentle folk rock cover to unleash a deadly rain of hearts destroying all before them.

If you can find a moving picture box in these difficult times, then I ask you; brothers and sisters, to urgently watch the tale of how merely repeating the days of the week over and over causes the end-of-days. Presumably more tales of the Revelation will be revealed on the forthcoming “Stuff Like That There” album.

Thank you Yo La Tengo for the warning. And please don’t cover any Craig David.

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