EP: Forfeits – Forfeits EP

What makes good rock music? I can’t say I’m too big on the progressive kind that builds and takes several minutes to get to where it needs to be. A rock tune to me needs to go in with guitars blazing, say what it has to say and get out. That’s what first attracted me to this new EP from London based three piece Forfeits. It features four huge tracks, kicking off with ‘Drown’. Weighing in at under three and a half minutes, the short but perfectly formed tracks is quick, punchy and heavy on catchy hooks.

The band have elements of bands such as Biffy, Royal Blood more classic acts like Therapy? (ask your dad’s on that last one, kids). Track three ‘Amy’s News & Liquor’ even has a feel of Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Killing In The Name’ with the big guitar riffs backing it up. The EP is high on energy and excitement throughout, finishing with the slower, more melodic ‘Sick, Sick Sweetie’. It acts as a cool down for the EP and showcases a different sound for them.

The Drown EP is made up of four great tracks that work well on their own, and would no doubt sound amazing in a clubs and mosh pits near you very soon. As a whole, the tracks work really well together, mixing things up, and suggesting that good things would come from an album.

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