News: Irish-Portuguese Artist Sam Segurado Shares Soulful New Single ‘Phoenix’, Announces Sophomore Album

Dublin-based solo artist Sam Segurado returns with the poignant new single, ‘Phoenix.’ The track, a testament to Segurado’s love for music and his talent for merging captivating instruments with profound lyricism, showcases his distinctive acoustic style, interplaying guitar and piano with delicate vocals atop a lush synthscape.

Incorporating the theme of loss, ‘Phoenix’ features a chorus that came to Segurado in a dream: “Draw you in the sand before you wash away.” The song navigates the delicate balance between romance and sorrow, resonating with listeners who have experienced the profound impact of loss, a theme heightened by shared experiences of the pandemic and global conflicts.

Recorded in Segurado’s childhood home in Portugal during the production of his forthcoming album, The Remainder, ‘Phoenix’ captures an authentic ambiance, with the background sounds of crickets and an airplane passing overhead in the second verse. Childhood friend Christina Campbell adds her Scottish lilt in backing vocals, enhancing the emotional depth of the track.

The single’s release is accompanied by a visually stunning music video, serving as a sequel to Segurado’s ‘Overspace’ film from the previous year. Continuing the narrative of a relationship’s implosion, the new video explores the aftermath, symbolizing the weight left behind when someone exits our lives.

Segurado explains, “Just like the song, the video also came to me in a burst of inspiration. It’s about the weight of our past and the difficulty in letting go—a concept integral to the album as a whole, titled The Remainder: what’s left of us after we’ve gone through hell.”

Born in Portugal and with frequent visits to Ireland, Sam Segurado’s journey took him through various cities, contributing to his rich storytelling and musical evolution. Known for immersing himself in the open-mic scene before releasing his debut album, Looking For The Fox, Segurado continues to delve deeper into his own experiences on the upcoming album The Remainder (due February next year)

Listen to the new single ‘Phoenix’ below:

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