Premiere: Going Swimming are ‘All Dressed Up To Cry’ with their buoyant effervescent style and panache.

We are very honoured to premiere this morning the new single ‘All Dressed Up To Cry’ from Naarm/Melbourne outfit Going Swimming – a effervescent slice of indie punk rock pie that positively bubbles and fizzes with an intensity that’s infectious.

Going Swimming exhibit a buoyant and exciting presence: a raw buzz saw edge that scythes through the air with a heady vibrancy and an underlying pop sensibility.

The band talk about the inspiration behind ‘All Dressed Up To Cry’ – another example of the increased creative output arising from dire circumstances:

‘All Dressed Up to Cry’ came about during lockdown. Like most people, it was a really difficult period (particularly down here in Melbourne), and it was only made more difficult by the breakdown of a long-term relationship. It was a pretty dark time – particularly when you lose so many outlets that keep you sane. It felt like the only thing to look forward to was dressing up for shitty awkward drinks over Zoom with your mates and doing your best to get through it.

There is an element of resilience and optimism that shines through in the delivery and a touch of self-deprecatory humour. The punk sneer that threads though the vocals from Nicholas Leggatt is balanced by the doo-wop backing singing and the splashing guitars that coalesce into a driving anthemic chorus with its driving insistent beat. It’s energising exciting stuff, a fresh breath of new wave angular power punk:

“All Dressed Up To Cry’ is out everywhere tomorrow (Friday, 18 August 2023).

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