News: LLUCID Shares ‘Wasting Time’ From Upcoming Album ‘Deep Blue Dreams’

German multi-instrumentalist, rapper, vocalist and producer LLUCID releases the new single ‘Wasting Time,’ which takes listeners on an atmospheric journey through a fusion of trap-style autotune and futuristic pop. The debut album, Deep Blue Dreams, from which the single is taken, is set for release on June 9th. LLUCID has collaborated with several exciting artists in the rap and music industry, including singer-songwriter Wallis Bird, Hundreds, and Samy Deluxe, who also serves as a friend and mentor.

LLUCID’s inspiration for his music is derived from American music, particularly from artists such as Cole and Kendrick. The debut album has a melancholic yet danceable and cathartic vibe that is sure to resonate with listeners. The song ‘Wasting Time’ is a personal track that LLUCID struggled to record but was able to capture the mood perfectly, resulting in a formidable and pulsing beat.

Kimbra, the New Zealand songwriter featured on LLUCID’s single, adds an extra layer of depth and beauty to the song, making it a standout track on the album. LLUCID’s unique singing and rapping styles, which combine both melodic and recitative singing, demonstrate his genre-independent listening habits and how it influences his music production methods.

Talking about the track, LLUCID explains: “I’m sure I made three or four complete versions of this song, only to return to and refine the original idea. It’s a very personal song about a relationship that has hit rock bottom; very early on I thought it’d be cool if someone else added a different perspective to the track. I’m psyched to have Kimbra joining me. I’ve been a fan of her work for years! We had a riot producing the song!

Featuring artist Kimbra adds: “I loved this track when I heard it. It captured a kind of melancholy but made it feel danceable and cathartic. We recorded the vocals in Berlin while on tour together. The process was super fun and natural. I’m stoked that I could be a part of this song!”

LLUCID’s ‘Wasting Time’ is out now ahead of the debut album Deep Blue Dreams.

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