Track: Selbor reveals a Hot Chip remix of his July disco groove ‘Your Love’ to lure you to the floor


ANDALUCIAN born, but resident amongst the bright lights and grooves of London now for more than a decade and a half, Selbor knows how to bring not just a singular, intelligent synthy interiority in his music, but also the wide eyes, the big grins and the much-missed exhilaration of the summer dancefloor to a tune, for sure.

After dropping the Smile To The Camera EP in August gone, which contained tunes ranging from the bright baroque pop of the title track to the off-centre, intelligent yearn of “The Cat’s Eye” and the darker Depeche-pop of “Hole In My Soul”

With his new single, “Your Love”, still a week or more away, he’s revealed ahead of time a remix from everyone’s favourite indie synth darlings, Hot Chip, who bring that way with a melody, a chattering sequencer, smoky call-and-response drums, the proper heat of a locked-in shadowy dancefloor. Think Giorgio Moroder, think Balearic chill, think acid with a empathetic hug for you Take a listen below.

On last year’s EP and on the new single Selbor took inspiration from personal experience and explorations in love, nature and death, bringing lyrical acuity to his songwriting process. 

“’Your Love’ is a song about accepting loving whoever and whatever you want and doing it without hiding,” he says.

I can’t wait to hear the lyrical version’ but for now, Hot Chip have once more done what they do inexorably, and swept me up in the pulse and the need to move. Good show.

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