Live Gallery: It’s a wrap! Laneway 2024 on 35 mm Film

Dope Lemon Angus Stone Laneway Festival

Laneway 2024, true to form, showcased a stellar lineup of both local and international talent. In Sydney, the festival unfolded on a day of blistering heat, yet thanks to the massive fans and cooling water showers dotted throughout the venue, the event unfolded seamlessly.

Shooting the Laneway Festival on 35mm film using a Pentax film camera this year was an exhilarating blend of joy and trepidation. The joy came from the anticipation of capturing the raw energy and vibrant atmosphere of the festival on a medium that added a unique, nostalgic quality to the images. The tactile experience of loading the film, manually focusing the lens, and hearing the satisfying click of the shutter offered a sense of connection to the craft of photography that digital cameras can’t replicate. However, there was also an underlying trepidation in not being able to instantly review the shots. Every frame was a leap of faith, as I didn’t know how (or if!) the moments were captured until the film was developed.

Check out our gallery below, featuring in order of appearance, The Worm Girls, Chloë Dadd, Miss Kaninna, Molly Millington, the Vacations, JK-47, Cordae, Reye, AJ Tracey, Dope Lemon and Steve Lacy.

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