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Are You Evil?

Once you’ve experienced Evil Blizzard you’ll find that no matter how hard you try, they will have somehow crept under your skin, and encamped themselves within the dark recesses of your mind. Looking like characters from a deranged serial killers wet dream, the masked band use their heavy, intoxicating, dark-psych sound to seduce you into their nightmarish world. (click HERE to see our live review)

The bands first album, “The Dangers of Evil Blizzard”, was released in 2014.  Since then they’ve perfected one of the most intense live shows around, that has helped them build a cult following of evil acolytes, that seems to grow bigger by the day (click HERE for Evil Blizzard  fan page).

Now it’s time for phase two of Evil Blizzard’s warped plan. October 9th see’s the release of their second album “Everybody Come To Church”  via Louder Than War Records.

As a teaser for the album, Evil Blizzard have unleashed ‘Sacrifice’. A heady, doom laden tune that regularly hypnotises their live crowds.

Embrace frontman, Richard McNamara was so entranced by the bands live performance, he made it his mission to produce the album. Evil Blizzard’s pin-up boy, Filthydirty, takes up the tale – He pretty much begged to produce us. Initially we were a little hesitant as there seemed to be few musical similarities between the two bands but after several meetings it was apparent that Richard had some incredible ideas and a vision of how to capture the chaos and energy of the live shows; something that was lacking on our debut album. Evil Blizzard thrives on chaos and it was great to have a Captain at the wheel.”

Recorded live in one day, with only four of the songs penned prior to entering the studio, the album captures the bands evil outpourings at their (un)natural, sinister best.

“Everybody Come To Church” is due October 9th via Louder Than War Records.

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Catch Evil Blizzard at the following dates:


29th 100 Club, London w/ The Membranes & Je Suis Crabbi (Pop Will Eat Itself)


12th Unorthodox Paradox Festival, Shropshire

26th Liverpool Psych Festival


10th The Great British Alternative Weekend, Butlins Skegness

15th The Donkey Bar, Leicester

17th Bumper, Liverpool

24th Georgian Theatre, Stockton

30th The Hairy Dog, Derby

31st Blitz, Preston (Halloween album launch)


11th Trades Club, Hebden Bridge

27th Wagon & Horses, Birmingham

28th The Barfly, Camden w/ Bad Guys


19th The Academy, Manchester

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