Track: The Hadron Colliders – Measuring the Space Between Us All

Out on Friday is the debut EP from Sydney band The Hadron Colliders. The band, Arun Kendall on vocals and guitars, Shannon Lewis on keys, Cameron McWilliams on Bass and Mark Duncan on drums hanker back to the heady summer days of the likes of the Sugargliders – soulful indie, the keys adding that extra gloss to the (generally) gentle indie pop of the band.

Opener Bellwether, an ode to the city of London, is the pick of the songs – Sparkling, emotive indie pop, the shimmering keys giving it this heartbreaking feeling, as Kendall with his gruff but listenable delivery sweeps over the top with tales of alienation, even fear.

Follow on Cherry Blossom Girl is more upbeat, crashing through with big chords and trashy cymbals matched by this wry chorus and a nod towards fellow Australians The Church. Shanghai nights is once again delicate, heart stopping almost with these spidery lines going on over this heartbeat drum/bassline, while closer Swallows and Amazons sets these Australians apart with fragile, constructed melodies and the sort of melancholy sweetness that (often inexplicably) graces Grey’s Anatomy soundtracks and the likes.

Ah, Hadron Colliders, its all gone wistful over here.

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