Album Review: Amber Run – 5AM

The Breakdown

This is an impressive debut from Amber Run, alternating between exhilirating anthems that make you feel alive and softer tracks that make you appreciate it.
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Amber Run proves to us all that popular music can still be sincere. After releasing a handful of EPs and singles the past few years, we’ve finally been gifted with a full-length album, produced by the magnificent Mike Crossey.

5AM is a moment of clarity in a world full of noise. Whilst you’ll recognise ‘Spark’ and ‘Pilot’ from previous releases, this album provides an assortment of magnificent tracks that properly introduce us to this Nottingham band.

‘I Found’ opens the album, forcing us to catch our breath as we’re thrown head-first into a melancholic tale of love gone astray. We’re soon led to ‘Hurricane’, which is full of passion (if a little cliché in its narrative). Amber Run are captivating storytellers, having faith in their words to tell us tales of profound heartbreak and troubling adolescence.

‘5AM’, the title track from this debut, is the most melancholic offering yet from the band. It feels like the night has just fallen, along with the frenzy it often brings, and you’re left with those early morning thoughts when you wonder what the hell you are doing with your life. “Is this really what we envisioned? We won’t be 21 again.” It feels hopeless and full of regret, yet the sun is rising and we all have so much more to fight for – and that’s when we hit ‘Just My Soul Responding’.

‘Good Morning’ is full of childlike optimism, finding hope in the morning light before ‘Shiver’ brings you back down again with Joe Keogh’s strong yet vulnerable voice carrying the song through. 5AM offers us exhilirating songs that make us feel alive and poignant tracks that allow us to appreciate it. I’ve fallen in love listening to this album, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you fell in love, too.

Watch the video to ‘5AM’ below:


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