Track: Nai Harvest – Sick on my Heart

Following in a (increasingly) long line of duo’s from the steel city, come singer/guitarist Ben Thompson and drummer Lew Currie, aka Nai Harvest. If you heard last years Buttercups single, or Hold Open Your Head EP, you’ll know that they’re equally at home making indie rock, garage punk and feedback laden-grunge, the pair are back with a new single, Sick on My Heart, ahead of a new album ‘Hairball’, which is out on April 28th via Topshelf Records.

Sick on my Heart blasts into life, full of attitude and this sprawling mass of guitar noise and garage punk aesthetic, drums driving things on. Although its roots are in pop music, what with the sort of singalong chorus that wouldnt be out of place on the voice, its messy, soaked in echo and kicked through a wall of feedback and through Sub Pops back catalogue, just in case it wasn’t brilliant enough already.

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