Meet: Sextile – Dark primitive post punk from outerspace

Sextile are the latest signing to US label Felte. Originally hailing from Brooklyn, founder members, guitarist/vocalist Brady Keehn and drummer/vocalist Melissa Scaduto moved to LA, for no greater reason than the rent was cheaper. Within a short time of touching down they’d hooked up with bassist Kenny Elkin and guitarist/keyboardist Eddie Wuebben. And so, what could easily become my new favourite band was formed.

Their name comes from an astrological term  relating to harmony and the ease of expression of two conflicting elements. The title, and lead track, of their first album, ‘A Thousand Hands’ was inspired by keyboardist, Wuebben’s vision of thousands of hands reaching out for him whilst indulging in a spot of open eye meditation as part of a spirit-channeling experiment. Hearing this alone was enough to spark my curiosity. And then I heard ‘Cant Take It’ and within in instant I was captivated.

‘Can’t Take It’, the first track to be aired from their debut album, has more than a fleeting glance to The Cramps, Bauhaus, and the darker side of 80’s underground neo-psych. With it, Sextile deliver a striking occult-inspired slice of post-punk brilliance…

In a word – WOW!  Like I said, on this track alone I was already hooked on Sextile, and my need to find out more was insatiable. So I’m very, very happy to introduce you to the band…

BM: What do you think it was that drew you all together as a band?
SEX: We got together through common interests – both good and bad.

BM: Such as?
SEX: Drugs, past lives, astrology, future tripping, Occultism, cats, beauty and the Jesus and Mary Chain.

BM: I can here a number of what I can guess are influences in your sound, but how would you describe it?
SEX:  Dark post punk. Rozz Williams fronting a new band with William Reid, Genesis P Orridge and John Balance.

BM: And which bands would you say are your main influences?
SEX: The 39 Clocks for their minimal dark psychedelia. Death in June for marching heavy tom drums. Spacemen 3 for their drugged out two chord beautiful drone. Daniel Ash for everything that he has done. Throbbing Gristle for keeping it the weirdest and influencing weirdos to make art even weirder. Brian Eno, for being a mutant.

BM: How long have you been together as a band?
SEX: Since November 2014

BM: What was it like the first time you played live?
SEX: It was at Part Time Punks in December 2014. We were a little different as a band and everyone was playing different instruments. There was a mosh pit strangely enough but the show ended up getting us signed to Felte.

BM: If you could sum up your live act in one word, what would it be?
SEX: Discord !


BM: ‘I Can’t Take It’ – which is a great track by the way – is taken from your debut album ‘A Thousand Hands’. Does the band have a particular formula for coming up with the goods?
SEX: Most of the material Brady writes by himself with the exception of “A Thousand Hands” (Wuebben, Keehn), “Smoke in the Eye” (Keehn, Scaduto), “Shattered Youth” (Keehn, Scaduto, Wuebben) and “Minds Eye” (Scaduto). The music always comes first, then the lyrical melody and rhythm from a stream of consciousness and later actual lyrics are written. 

BM: Where did you record it?
SEX:  It was all done in a few weeks in January. We recorded it on our own in a cabin, except a couple songs at our friend Cundos’ spot. At Cundos’ spot everyone was playing different instruments than what we play now. Kenny was on drums, Melissa on synth and Eddie on guitar. This all took place in LA. 

BM: Is their a particular feel or story you were looking for with the album?
SEX: The album is about many things, a lot of personal shit between us all. 

BM: Having only released the one track so far, can we expect more of the same? How would you describe the overall sound of the album?
SEX: Large, noisy and up front with a lot of energy.

BM: I really like what I’ve heard from you guys so far, is there anyone else out there that you think we should be looking out for?
SEX: Terminal A   – they’re opening for Chrome next month.

BM: And finally. Your a new band – whats your message to the world?
SEX: Pain it dark – keep it weird!


Sextile’s debut album, ‘A Thousand Hands’ is released via Felte on the 21st of August (pre-order HERE) and the band will be promoting the release with their inaugural tour of the US West Coast starting next week. Hopefully it won’t be long before we start to see the following poster over here in the UK and Europe.


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