Premiere: The Heat Inc Release New Rock ‘N’ Roll Anthem ’98

We are extremely pleased here at Backseat Mafia to be premiering the new track from one of our favourite bands The Heat Inc. The brand new single, titled simply ’98’ is a victorious Rock ’n’ Roll anthem made for stadiums.

Regarding the track Singer Jon Dodd comments:

“There’s a wistful, at the same time celebratory feeling to ‘98. It’s a song about loss, about leaving home – what was and what could have been – but also about accepting that in order to have the things that you have, those that make you most happy and most complete – things couldn’t have gone down any other way. At some point, you have to close the box on the past and live in the present because otherwise, the future you need for yourself and those you love – that’s never gonna happen. It’s about how accepting your own personal truth, whatever that means for you, can be the most healing thing in a lifetime.” 

Dodd also

“’98 is perhaps one of the most honest things we’ve ever done and so I wanted the video to reflect that without pin-holing the song one way or another. The Polaroids were taken over the course of about three, four, maybe five years and while they’re not in any egregiously pedantic order, there are ninety-eight of them and they have a kind of flow that tells a story that made sense to me at the time. They are evocative of a particular period in my life but there are photos and physical distillations of memory in there that are probably touchstones for a lot of people. The aesthetic is profoundly late-nineties and yeah, it is a work concerned with and/or employing nostalgia; with melancholy and a certain sense of yearning. At the same time, the song is victorious and about accepting that the most important things in your life are a product of life lived, of things learned, lost and lauded alike and it’s that dichotomy that makes it kick.”

Riotous bass and the clashing of drums introduce the track before Dodd steps in with some seriously cool vocals over palm muted guitars picking up the beat. The chorus comes alive with a ringing guitar riff and soaring vocals. Thought provoking lyrics delivered over a rock n roll sound scape equals perfection.

Check it out, here

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