Well yes and no, if that’s your question. Yes, there’s a new record from the all too briefly Brilliant The Bachelor Pad, the Strathbungo, Glasgow based psychedelic indie poppers who scored big (at least on tunes, and scruffy brilliant ones at that – and influence) with their solitary album – 1990’s Tales of Hofmann and a handful of singles. No, its not new material, but a comprehensive compilation – All Cock and Hash, out on Emotional Response Records on October 9th.

What is new is some visuals for their 1991 single on Egg Records, Meet the lovely Jenny Brown. There’s something close to perfect about the record, as it plays out like some late Beatles/ Kinks / Zombies sort of classic songwriting. There’s splashes of piano, flutes, some gorgeous harmonies, and melodies that stick in your head. It’s an absolute lost classic.

Order All Cock and Hash, on gatefold sleeve, with poster, yellow vinyl, and sleeve notes by Alexis Petridis here – https://emotional-response-recs.bandcamp.com/album/all-cock-and-hash