Track: Dissonants – Harlequin

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Heavy rockers Dissonants have started the year off with new drummer Harvey Lord and guitarist Cuba
Stanley as guitarist Benjie Allen takes on the vocal duties. Their long-awaited return sees the band share their first taste of new music since their 2020 Nescient EP with new single ‘Harlequin’.

Explains bassist Mike Barton.

“It’s been a tough year or so for us with the instability in the line-up, and at several points myself, Ben and Aaron wondered if the band would cease to exist, as it just felt like setback after setback was crippling us. Cuba and Harvey coming into the fold has been a massive breathe of fresh air, and has totally reinvigorated us with the ideas they’ve bought to the table. On this new track, Harlequin, I believe we’ve never sounded better as a band”,

Thunderous drums with some guitar wizardry as the track switches from glowing pop to monstrous metal all on Allen’s vocals. His ability to go from clean to guttural and back to clean is the secret to what makes this track such a joy.

Check it out, here

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