See: Hey Sholay release video for Eyes For Me

Perhaps one of Sheffield’s most mysterious bands, Hey Sholay have walked a curious path, disappearing for months before enchanting a festival crowd and disappearing once more. It’s been two years since they’ve officially released any music; their Cloud, Castle, _____ EP was the highlight for many back in 2013, but now the peculiar band have finally returned with new single ‘Eyes For Me’.

The track is accompanied with its own music video, a bizarre sequence of people’s eyes flickering at the camera. Sometimes you can see their pupils, other times there’s just a void, making you wonder whether anyone can see clearly at all.

The lyrics to ‘Eyes For Me’ are tinged with heartbreak, telling the story of unrequited love and a forlorn longing for simpler times. “If you could only have the eyes for me, my dear” shows the childlike innocence in Hey Sholay’s songs, enchanting the listener with fairy tales that often hold a sinister edge.

Even through the eyes of Hey Sholay relationships are tricky things, often leaving you a little bit lost and afraid; yet it’s not as hopeless as it first appears. ‘Eyes For Me’ holds a glimmer of optimism, like a daydream on a summer’s day: you don’t have all the answers just yet but you can still make wishes in fields full of dandelions.

Watch the video for ‘Eyes For Me’ below:

The song is available for free download here:

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