Live Review: De Staat (The State) / CLT DRP – The Grand Social, Dublin 15,10,2022

De Staat

Dutch alternative rock band rolled into or should I say strutted into Dublin’s The Grand Social, bringing with them Brighton’s three piece electro punk outfit CLT DRP.
The night was a total sell out and the room was rammed.

Opening the night were as mentioned Brighton band CLT DRP, taking to the stage at 8pm to play a six song set of electro punk / EDM / Pop influenced mayhem and judging by the reaction in the room a good lot of the crowd were also here to see them. Its great when both bands on the bill have a good following in the room and even better when the bands have a different sound.

9pm and a parting is made in the crowd from the Greenroom to the stage, an intro is playing stage lights are changing and as the seconds past all this is getting louder and faster building on an intensity that’s already in the room, the the band appear lead by the drummer some walking and some strutting their way to the stage to take up their relative positions.
All on stage and BOOM! The stage is plunged into a blaze of red and the band start into the first song of the night.

Wow I knew it was going to be hard to shoot at the front (in a good way) not only had the band erupted on stage but the crowd did also and this was kept up through the entire night.
De Staats fans really know how to enjoy themselves as do the band, as a live band these guys are a whole lot of fun at one point I was thinking is this funk, is this metal, is this dance. Well you know what take Electric 6 meets Talking Heads meets Rammstein smash it all together and bang you have De Staat.
The vast majority of the crowd are diehard fans and there was a large Dutch following in the house also who knew all the moves to each song as Torre Florim is known for his on stage dancing and strutting.
After the first there song I opted to move down the back so I could take it all in and man the band had the crowd hoping bopping and moshing to everything they played.
Like myself I think the room were anticipating when the song Witch Doctor would get aired and it did, the band held it back till the end of the main set.
The reason for this anticipation was to see and partake in the now well know circle of death that the fans everywhere perform for this song and fair paly they managed a spectacular one within the confines of the venue.

After this the band left the stage and we thought that was it as the set list had Witch Doctor listed as the last and no encore to follow, but a minute or two later the band were back on stage for a two song encore and finished out with the Bollywood dance influence sound of Kitty Kitty.

Set List.
Look At Me
Blues Is Dead
Input Source Select
Peace, love & profit (New Song)
Old MacDonald Don’t Have No Farm No More
Devil’s Blood / One Day (Merged)
Murder Death
Who’s Gonna Be the GOAT?
Make Way for the Passenger
Mona Lisa / Make the Call, Leave It All (Merged)
Head On The Block
Witch Doctor

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