Masaaki Yoshida, the Tokyo born, London based producer who works under the name Anchorsong, is back with a a new track, ‘Tunis Dream’, out now on the much loved (particularly by us) Tru Thoughts label.

Well known for his ability to weave a myriad of styles into something beat laden and satisfying, whether that be Shoegaze, ambient, hip-hop and more, Masaaki new track was inspired by the Tunisian capital.

“I was invited to play at a nightclub in Tunis last summer. It was a very hot day, and everyone was chilling on the beach by the venue. There was a certain scent in the air, and I sensed something nostalgic with it. I recalled that night when writing this track” Masaaki explains.

He’s pulled a rabbit out of the hat with Tunis Dream – albeit a warm, hazy rabbit (maybe rabbit wasn’t the best analogy to use) built up using scattered beats and a host of little samples and lines, some based on Afrobeat and jazz, some nearer other marks, along with stabs of strings and little vocal snatches. You could almost be on the sultry Tunis streets, it’s so beautifully immersive.