Track: Prides – Are You Ready?

Prides have returned with a brand new single, ‘Are You Ready?’, ahead of an intimate tour of the UK, reintroducing themselves to the world with unforgettable music to soundtrack the best night you’ll ever have. It’s the second offering in Prides’ new chapter – teasing us with ‘Rome’ back in May – as they write a new story, starting over, gearing up towards their sophomore album (due to be released Summer 2017).

Shimmering synth-pop and heartbreaking vocals have always been the staple of Prides’ music, letting the emotions out to powerful songs that you just need to dance to. ‘Are You Ready?’ is no different; the sound is led by the drums but it’s the intricate guitar and electronic touches that pull it through. Stewart Brock’s vocals is full of desperate sincerity as he sings, “Are you ready to forgive me? Are you ready to forget?”, making you wonder what could have possibly happened to make him reach this breaking point.

“Lyrically it’s about forgiveness,” Stewart says. “It’s about those long nights you stay awake trying to figure out what you want, talking till the early hours, drinking too much, smoking too much, thinking too much. Saying the wrong thing, saying the right thing, saying anything.” Prides’ songs have always been emotional affairs encompassed in massive pop tunes; coating the heartbreak in glittering synth-pop to protect you from the pain. They give you permission to feel and the reassurance that you’re gonna be okay.

I would always describe Prides as the band to dance to when your heart is breaking, but now, they’re here for you when your heart is healing. The pain is behind you and it’s time to pick up the pieces. Are you ready?

Listen to ‘Are You Ready?’ below:

The song is available now on [iTunes] and [Spotify].



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