Premiere: salamander prep debut album & share ‘the label’

Ready for a new song from New York trio salamander? Duck yeah we are. The band announced their debut album [container] back in August, and we’re now just a fortnight away from its release. Yes, they’re releasing it on a Wednesday – good idea because then everyone gets to take it in before the absolute deluge of albums out on the Friday that week. Seriously.

It’s a multifaceted, complex record that rewards multiple listens, and new single ‘the label’ is typical of the approach the three-piece take on the album – a song that struggles to [contain] itself. Leo Frampton says of ‘the label’: “I woke up one morning with the melody to [this song] in my head, and immediately made a guitar demo on my computer. PJ [Hunter’s] Ableton beat on this really gives me chills. I have a verse about loneliness and alienation, PJ later sings about surviving the apocalypse, and in an emotional ending, we bring it all together. ‘the label’ is what people see from the outside, it is what they choose to look at or away from.”

The Brandon Pettis-created visual for the song is premiering below; [container] follows on Wednesday October 18th via Cropsey Records.

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