Track: My Name Is Ian – ‘For Love’; Welsh collective bring the baggy

My Name is Ian

MY NAME IS IAN, the lo-fi trio outta Cardiff with a fantastic line in song titles (“If I Was A Gentoo Penguin, I’d Find You The Smoothest Pebble”, anyone?) and who self-describe as a “a bipolar, odd rock, anti-folk loser super group” have dropped quite a fiery little dancefloor-friendly number this week, with more than a touch of that warped funk the Happy Mondays brought into our world so unforgettably; mixed it with a little Hot Chip sweet vocal melodicism, and dropped that sugarbomb out into the world. Hear it below.

It’s a little amuse bouche for a full album, out via Bubblewrap Collective on June 4th; that’ll been entitled Fantastic Company, and it will be out digitally and in a hugely limited heavyweight vinyl run of just 100. Yep, a hundred … .

The band’s advocated ‘prolific-and-terrific’ aesthetic means they’ve released 18 fine musical objets since forming in 2010; but this latest has had a two-year gestation, recorded in bouts from Cardiff to London and from Wells to Rome. It sees them shift from that more garagey thing towards Mr Shaun William Ryder and glorying in dancefloor indie. They know what we need; and it requires a loose fit.

You can pre-order Fantastic Company right now, here; don’t hang about if you’re of a wax persuasion.

Connect with My Name Is Ian at their website, and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; and over at Bubblewrap Collective.

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