Track: Havanna Winter – Heaven To Me

Viral teen sensation Havanna Winter, has recently signed up with Stevie Van Zandt’s new imprint Wonderwall Records. She has one track already out and has now released her second single ‘Heaven To Me’.

Of the track, Havanna says, 

“Heaven To Me is about a girl who is hopelessly in love with a bad boy and ignores all the red flags. I love this song so much and always blast it in the car with my friends.”

Of the singing to Wonderwall Van Zandt says: 

“Wonderwall Records is our new imprint that focuses more on the Pop side of things and we’re looking forward to Havanna being the first release.”

Heaven To Me is a sweet and dreamy pop love song, with a rock backbone which breaks through on the chorus. It’s all beautiful melodies and breathless vocals that match the gorgeous sun filled location of the video. Winter has the recipe spot on here giving us a track that’s easy to listen to yet hard to forget.

Check it out, here

Read our interview with Winter here

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