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With the band set to release their debut album ‘Colour In The Grey’ next week, Backseat Mafia caught up with Robbie McSkimming from the band to find out a little bit about Scotland’s next big export.

Give us a potted history of the band

We all met when we were at school but didn’t start properly making music together till a few years ago. It was easier coming into a band when you are already friends, as it meant we were more comfortable with each other and could say exactly what we thought from the start. It’s taken us from our first gigs at friends’ parties, to playing in Nashville and supporting Catfish and the Bottlemen on their arena tour – so it’s been quite the journey. I’m still impressed that through all that time spent together on the road we are still very good friends!

Who inspired you to start making music

We all had very different musical journeys to get to where we are, but I think that benefits us as a band as if had the same experience and knowledge it would be dull. Cal is classically trained and I only started teaching myself how to play an instrument at 16, for example.

And the one or maybe two records that inspired you artistically 

It’s really hard to pin it down to one exact record as we try and be as open-minded as we can with where we want our music to be. I think that helps us as we’re not stuck in an exact mould and have more freedom with writing/recording. Saying that, my favourite record is ‘The New Abnormal’ by The Strokes, which is a prime example of an album that has highs and lows as you listen to it.

If you’re trying to explain whom you sound like to someone that’s never heard you, what do you say

It’s music you would hear on radio 1, but with guitar solos.

Tell us about your new single

‘So What’ almost didn’t make the album as we forgot we had recorded it. We found a demo that we made of it right before we started deciding which tracks to cut, but it was on everyone’s favourites list. It’s a story of someone who ends a relationship and thinks they are having the time of their life for a few months before they realise that they have actually ruined it all and want their old life back. It’s definitely a track that leans into the heavy side of DOT, but we felt that it’s the kind of lyrics that needs the big, anthemic sound.

Where can we get hold of it  

It is released worldwide on 14th October, with some physical releases to follow.

Tell us how you write

Cal (also lead singer) and I will get together and write tracks, then we get together with the rest of the band who will turn it into a song. It’s a good process as we can have a certain way we think the song will sound in our heads, but it goes in a totally different direction with the full band. We’re all into quite different kind of music, so it gives us lots of different influences when we’re putting a song together.

Tell us about your live show What would be your dream gig

We make sure our shows are as lively and fun as we can. For us,everything else in music is just building up to playing shows, so we put our all into making it the best experience for our fans

What can we expect from you in the near future

We are playing all over the UK this Oct/Nov to promote the new album. We’re playing some places we have never been before which is always fun. After that, we will be back writing again to get the next 100 tracks ready.

Tell us your favourite records that’s rocking your headphones/tour bus/stereo 

I’ve been getting really into hip-hop recently, so Tribe Called Quest – The Low End Theory is my favourite record at the moment. There are always arguments in the van when we are on tour about who gets to choose the music, so I’m not going to speak for the rest as they will use it as a reason to get the aux on tour.

Check out the band’s track ‘How Do I Get Back to Her’, below:

Find out more via the band’s Website or Facebook

Dancing On Tables will be playing shows in October, November and December. 

See the dates below:



Oct 8 London – The Grace


Nov 23 Manchester- 33 Oldham St.

Nov 24 Birmingham- Muthers Studio

Nov 26 Stockton- Songs From Northern Britain

Nov 30 Leeds- Oporto


Dec 01 Sunderland- Independent

Dec 03 Glasgow- Garage (Attic)

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