Feature: Dancing On Tables Give Us A Track By Track Of Forthcoming Album ‘Colour In The Grey’


Scottish band Dancing On Tables were named as one of Variety Magazine’s ’10 Brits To Watch’, supporting Catfish and The Bottlemen’s on their arena tour, numerous festival appearances. They are set to release their debut album ‘Colour In The Grey’ and have been kind to take us through the album track by track.

Of their upcoming debut full-length, the band says: 

“It feels like the last 3 years of our life have all been building up to this album. You can hear the journey that we’ve been on as a group as you go through the tracks, with stories of love, happiness, loss and frustration sang on top of a sound that we have worked hard to define by combining our original rock influences with our favourite modern music alt-pop styles.”

“The album is a collection of songs that were put together over a time where as musicians, we were suddenly stuck at home after being used to being on the road for most of the year. Like most people, it was tough for us to stay motivated during this, but working together (remotely) on music was the highlight of each day and left us with over 70 tracks to choose from for this album.”

“For us, writing and recording this album really was the ‘colour in the grey’ of everyday life at this point.”

How Do I Get Back To Her

 As soon as we got the first mix back from this we knew it had to be the opening track on the album. Even in the streaming age, I’ve always felt that the first intro is so important as it sets you up for the rest of the album. The HDIGBTH intro lets you know that you’re about to hear a big, in your face song.


This is a track that we originally wrote as a slow, soft song. We were convinced by our team to try it as a full band and up the tempo and we loved it straight away. It follows on perfectly from the track opener with how it feels. Contrasting the more emotional lyrics with a song that makes you want to jump around is always fun too.

Better Off Friends

As soon as we wrote this track I knew it was going to be on the album. It’s a story of two people who are deciding whether or not to stay friends or risk what they have incase they are supposed to be together. It’s lively, catchy and so much fun to play live.


Perfect example of what came from us writing music because we loved the track, rather than for an exact style / sound. It’s a track that grows as the song goes on and by the end, really does make you want to singalong.


We were about to announce releasing this track a couple of days before we got the call to be offered to do the album, meaning it was the first track that we recorded. It’s simple on the face of it, but has lots of different elements that we added during the recording process. 


This is us leaning as far into the pop side of our music as we’ve been yet. Has a riff going through it that will be stuck in your head after you finish listening. Put lots of effort into the story going through the lyrics of this.


We wrote this with our good friend Liz Rose when we in Nashville. She’s written with some of the biggest names in music, but we clicked straight away and this song was finished in record time. It’s a feel-good song that keeps your head nodding along.

So What

One of our best !

Shock to the System

I went through a big punk music phase growing up, so this track takes elements from that. From the start, it tries to hit you as hard as it can with guitars.

Rollercoaster Love

Probably the softest song we’ve ever written and the perfect album closer (in my opinion). It begins with just Cal and a piano but builds and builds throughout the song until a wall of sound drifts off to end the album. A love letter style song, but one worth getting to the end of the album to reach. 

Check out the bands track

Find out more via the band’s Website or Facebook

Dancing On Tables will be playing shows in October, November and December. 

See dates below. Tickets: www.dancingontables.co.uk/tickets


Oct 6 Bristol- Crofter’s Rights

Oct 8 London – The Grace


Nov 23 Manchester- 33 Oldham St.

Nov 24 Birmingham- Muthers Studio

Nov 26 Stockton- Songs From Northern Britain

Nov 30 Leeds- Oporto


Dec 01 Sunderland- Independent

Dec 03 Glasgow- Garage (Attic)

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