Say Psych: Track: The Cult of Free Love / Magic Seas Split

Two unique entities have teamed up to offer a split single like no other. The Cult of Free Love from North Wales and Magic Seas from Chelmsford offer up two tracks a piece on this offering which is certain to enchant audiences.

This 12” is the first release for The Cult of Free Love since their 2016 critically acclaimed LP Love Revolution and represents the second coming of the band. Whilst remaining clouded in obscurity in both their members and set up, rumoured association with the infamous Northern Star Collective has seen them held in high esteem. Magic Seas on the other hand are brothers James and John Prudence. This record to them represents their debut appearance on vinyl. Following on from their previous two singles, the band once again showcase their shimmering dream-pop on two brand new recordings which were co-produced and mixed by RIDE frontman Mark Gardener at his OX4 Studios.

The first COFL track ‘Visions’ is an ethereal offering with a haunting melody and evocative lyrics and works perfectly with the mystic that surrounds them. Their second offering ‘Substance (MHPb Mix)’ has an electronic base that a mixture of layered sound dances over the top off. Magic Seas offer up ‘Count In Three’s’ which is a fine blend of indie and dream pop that moulds to form something soothing and purring in its own right. ‘Long Winter’ continues in much the same way, but with a slower tempo.

The juxtaposition of two completely different musical styles makes this a split single that will appeal to many. Despite their obvious differences, there are similarities here which tie the whole thing together.  

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