News: Cris Cap Releases Soulful New Single ‘Angel In My Room’

Singer-Songwriter Cris Cap releases the stirring new single ‘Angel In My Room’. A poignant, yet infectious and sultry R&B and soul track comparable to the likes of Luther Vandross, the single possesses a glimmering commercial appeal whilst retaining a emotive depth.

At the tender age of 21, Cris Cap found himself in a hospital room, undergoing a procedure under general anaesthesia after an accident while playing basketball with friends. In that delicate state, suspended between deep slumber and fleeting consciousness, the genesis of ‘Angel in My Room’ began to take shape. Years later, during the isolating grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, the memory of that celestial encounter resurfaced.

Armed with little more than an iPhone, Cris Cap captured the raw essence of ‘Angel In My Room.’ As strength returned, the song blossomed into a lush tapestry of sound, adorned with Cris Cap’s signature blend of piano, 80’s synth sounds, guitar, drums, and bass.

In a fortuitous turn of events, R&B luminary Ugene Nhgt lent his extraordinary vocal prowess to the track. Recording in the vibrant heart of LA, Ugene Nhgt breathed life into the lyrics, infusing them with a depth and elegance that perfectly complements Cris Cap’s distinctive sound.

‘Angel In My Room’ transcends genre, seamlessly fusing elements of pop, funk, soul, and jazz. Its emotive landscape evokes feelings of nostalgia, offering a throwback to the golden era of the 80s. The mood is both relaxed and romantic, enveloping listeners in a cocoon of warm introspection and ethereal melodies.

Cris Cap reflects on the genesis of the single, stating, “I never forgot what happened to me when I found myself undergoing surgery under general anesthesia. Waking up in a hazy post-op recovery room, I experienced something truly extraordinary. To me, she was more than a nurse; she was an angel sent from above. The memory of that encounter never left me.”

Listen below: 

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