News: Cris Cap Unveils Heartfelt Second EP ‘Wings Of Love’

Renowned instrumentalist and songwriter Cris Cap marks his return with the announcement of his second EP, ‘Wings Of Love’, culminating his recent string of singles with a compassionate title track. The EP, which includes previously released tracks ‘Angel In My Room’ and ‘Howlin’ At The Moon’, showcases beautifully orchestrated arrangements that seamlessly blend together in one cohesive track list.

The title track, featuring a masterfully melodic vocal feature from J. Burney, embodies Cap’s soulful songwriting. With rhythmic but reserved drums, flowing strings, colorful keys, and a grooving bass line driving the track forward, ‘Wings of Love’ serves as a heartfelt dedication to Cap’s daughter Anna and an ode to Generation Z.

Reflecting on the lead single, Cap shares: “Wings of Love’ is dedicated to my daughter Anna. It is a love letter to her and an ode to Generation Z… It’s celebrating that moment when you start to realize that you have to let your child go one day.”

Cap expresses his gratitude for collaborating with esteemed artists on the project, including J. Burney, known for his collaborations with legends like Ray Charles and Michael Bolton, and Andy Bauer, who contributed drum tracks alongside the orchestral arrangements of The Mellowtone Orchestra Düsseldorf.

Based in Germany, Cris Cap has garnered attention for his nostalgic flair and cross-continental collaborations. Drawing inspiration from music both old and new, Cap’s music resonates deeply with audiences, blending heartfelt lyrics, evocative piano play, and a seamless fusion of traditional elements with fresh, innovative sounds.

Despite pursuing roles in audio engineering and television directing, Cap continues to grace stages across Europe with his enticing arrangements. With the release of ‘Wings Of Love’, Cris Cap stands resolute, embracing his creation with an unwavering sense of accomplishment, inviting listeners into his world of heartfelt melodies and soulful storytelling.

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