TRACK: Monzanto Sound – ’23’: off-kilter dub-punk grooves

THERE’S a real skeletal dub-funk groove, with this offbeat sway and disjuncture; on the one hand, it’s deep and smokin’, on the other, wiry and angular: very The Pop Group. The percussion underpins things, but has its own ideas; it’s busy with polyrhythms of its own, thank you very much. The real heart of the beat lies in the chukka-wah of the guitar, pedalling away while the rhythm section sets course for more weirder waters. 

And then in comes the dark, detached tones of Sienna Bordello, draping her post-punk incantation across the bass. It’s shadowy, it has real groove, but your limbs will take time to find their tactility with the sound; it’s intoxicating.

Such is “23”, the first track to emerge from krautrock-psych-postpunk collective Monzanto Sound, and the lead track for their Time Lapse EP, out in September on None More Records.

Twenty-three has potency in the esoteric science of numerology, indicating as it does personal freedom and creative energy. You can certainly hear that at work.

And the five-tracker promises a broad canvas of “krautrock-inflected funk, psychedelic triphop and cosmic neo-soul”. 

Monzanto Sound’s Time Lapse EP will be released on digital and limited 12″ formats on September 4th; you can order yours now at Bandcamp. Follow Monzanto Sound on Facebook and Instagram.

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