Track: Paul Smith – Coney Island, Plus album news

As part of Maximo Park, Paul Smith was responsible for some of the biggest and most anthemic indie tracks of the noughties. Who out of us can say they haven’t been in a pub or club wailing along to ‘Apply some pressure’ or ‘Books from boxes’ at some point in their life? (Or is thst just me?) They have been a constant on the music scene since their debut album ‘A cerain Trigger’ since its release in 2004, notching up five albums, the latest of which being last year’s ‘Too much information’. But now the Newcastle based indie rockers take a break, as front man Paul Smith sets to release his new solo record ‘Contradictions’. It will be released on August 21st on Billingham Records.

What is promised as a more personal album from anything released with his band mates, the first taste from the record has been released on Smith’s Youtube and Soundcloud pages. The song is ‘Coney Island (4th of July)’ and is his first with new backing band The Intimations. It is a funkier sounding eighties tinged number. A departure from his usual sound, whilst still in keeping with vocal stylings that made us fall in love with Maximo Park in the first place. It has a hint of Bryan Ferry in there. I’m not sure if he was an influence on the tracks sound, but it certainly works. Hopefully we have not seen the last of the geordie band. But if this new solo track is anything to go by, fans shouldn’t be disappointed with the front mans first solo attempt.

See the brand new video for ‘Coney Island (4th of July) here.


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  1. juliet r
    June 11, 2015

    thanks for this review.Pleased to see that I’m not the only one to notice the BF likeness in the song.

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