Track: The buoyant and irrepressible Brighton indie popsters Thrillhouse have a ‘Fatal Flaw’ that’s as infectious as it is thrilling.

Brighton outfit Thrillhouse have an inherent ability to deliver the most buoyant and sparkling tracks that combine a degree of hyperactivity with a pop sensibility that positively shimmers. I’ve written this before and will write it again: I just cannot see for the life of me why this band isn’t bigger. They marry an accomplished musicianship with a precise scientific ear for melody and rhythm. They are, in addition, highly prolific, producing an enduring stream of incredible songs every couple of months which never flag in quality and are yet to be collected in anything as conventional as an album. Live? Who knows, they never tell us anything.

Their new single ‘Fatal Flaw’ ups the ante – a massive melody, sky-scraping choruses and melancholy vocals combine to create another masterpiece that is hard to confine within any particular category, but is immense and satisfying. There is a Talking Heads vibe with a smattering of Pulp and a dash of a bacchanalian party:

It’s magic. But for goodness sake, don’t tell anyone. You can stream it here.

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