Last month Backseat Mafia welcomed back the ever brilliant Doves upon the release of their first material in eleven years – the single ‘Carousels’. And to add fuel to the fire, Doves are back with another fantastic new single, ‘Prisoners’, as well as exciting news of a new album, entitled ‘The Universal Want’, due out through Virgin/EMI on 11 September 2020.

‘Prisoners’ is pure Doves – haunting, evocative vocals over grand, sweeping soundscapes creating cinematic visions. Doves are, indeed, absolute masters of the anthem: vaulting choruses and dramatic melodies. The beautifully shot video seems to portray the current sense of the human condition, contrasted with natural freedom – we’re just prisoners of the sky.

According to Andy Williams:

It’s about continually chasing something and not being satisfied when you eventually get it. You’ve got ‘that thing’ and you find you’re not any happier. Be careful what you wish for.”

The song and the video break down into a psychedelic fugue, seemingly to suggest an air of optimism and the possibility of freedom. Epic music from an epic band.

You can download/stream ‘Prisoners’ here.

‘The Universal Want’, released on coloured vinyl editions, CD and digital formats, as well as a special-edition box set, becomes available via pre-orders from Friday 10 July 2020. The full track listing has been confirmed by the band as:

1. Carousels
2. I Will Not Hide
3. Broken Eyes
4. For Tomorrow 
5. Cathedrals Of The Mind
6. Prisoners
7. Cycle Of Hurt
8. Mother Silver Lake
9. Universal Want
10. Forest House

Feature Photograph: Jon Shard