Track: Rizzle Kicks – Lost Generation remix, plus new video

Alright then. We’re going to take this in reverse order. First up, DJs and studio partners Max Sanna and Steve Pitron have remixed Rizzle Kicks’ latest single “Lost Generation”, working their usual “club mix” magic (as purveyed for the likes of Jessie J, Sugababes, Robbie Williams and The Wanted) turning a “poppy hip-hop summer jam into a thumping club banger”.  Note: their PR wrote that – I’m too old to use those words. LISTEN NOW !

Second up, you can watch the official video for the original track right here. It’s very much the established Rizzle Kicks way – cheek and mischief, trumpets, rap/sing/rap/sing – but you can’t deny, it is a poppy hip-hop summer jam.  WATCH NOW !

And finally, you should check out this article which explains some of the story behind the video above – the crew and band were augmented through the GoThinkBig website which helps young people to think about careers and opportunities. So not just the music, but helping the community too. READ NOW !

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