Track: Field Music – Disappointed

Sunderland avant rockers Field Music first heralded their forthcoming album Commontime before Christmas in the shape of The Noisey Days Are Over. If that vibrant slice of progressive indie pop wasn’t enough to tickle your musical taste buds, they’ve followed it up with the equally brilliant Disappointed. Described by David from the band, who takes the lead vocal on the track, he observes ‘We were consciously embracing the simplicity and directness of the pop music we love, where most of the song is in the chorus and the singing is always right at the front.I’m imagining a couple trying to get together and not quite managing it because they’re a bit older and they’ve already built up complete lives as individuals. Their expectations of what love should be have become too byzantine to let themselves take a risk.’

Disappointed has plenty of funk about it, the principal head-nodding caused by the bassline, which prods and stutters away leaving space for tthe shuffling drums and slithers of synth that, along with the rather lovely backing vocals gives the whole thing just that hint of ELO, in the best possible way.

Check it out, here

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