News: Sydney duo Micra announce EP ‘5th Room’ and unveil new single ‘Doesn’t Mean A Thing’ – a luscious dreamy dream pop reverie.

Ivana Kafedjiyska and Robbie Cain together are the Sydney-based duo Micra and they have just released a luscious and shimmering single ‘Doesn’t Mean A Thing’, awash with a shimmering dream pop coating and a languid, sensual air. Centred around Kafedjiyska’s ethereal vocals and a soft and billowing synth bed, ‘Doesn’t Mean A Thing’ has a classic pop melody and a wistful, melancholic pace that effortlessly floats in the sky with an ethereal edge. It’s all lazy summer days on Bondi Beach under the bright blue cloudless sky and a burning heat.

Kafedjiyska says of the track:

‘Doesn’t Mean A Thing was a stream of consciousness song. This song captures that out of body and almost disconnected feeling you get when you deny the reality of something that really affects you. We wanted it to feel like you were a part of that internal process.

The result is certainly something enveloping and warm with a languid hypnotic effect.

The accompanying video captures the band in performance through a fuzzy dislocated lense that reflects off the music like a heat haze:

‘Doesn’t Mean A Thing is out now and available to download and stream here.

Micra also announce their upcoming EP ‘5th Room’ out in July through Liberation Records. ‘5th Room’ is a follow up to their debut EP ‘Sunday’ and marks the second batch of material in their EP trilogy. Cain says of the forthcoming release:

The ‘5th Room’ EP feels like a more focused body of music than our last EP. It has less moments that are intense and hard hitting. I think overall it feels softer but more direct. The pop songs are more groove focused and the slower songs are the most mellow feeling ballads that we have ever made. Most of the songs are just feel good music with a heavy dose of introspection if you want to dive deep. We are exploring how to do more with less parts and I think that results in something that many people can enjoy.

This will be a release to look forward to.

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