Track: Dr Mann really have an urge for ‘Ciggies’ in a single that oozes with yearning and desire.

I’m not sure what Dr Mann‘s health and safety credentials are, but in their latest paean to yearning and desire, ‘Ciggies’, they manage to engender the unhealthiest of cravings in just under three minutes. As anyone who has been enslaved to addiction (particularly of the tobacco kind), this sonic pill captures the feelings of abject, unending desire, filled with anticipation and an air of melancholic self-awareness as singer Danny Mann whispers I miss my cigarettes.

It is a smooth and enticing slice of trippy, psychedelic indie pop blended with a hint of Americana that is imbued with a laid back and dreamy unfiltered flow that positively oozes with carnal desire. Backing female vocals add an exotic, languid air. This song should come with a Government health warning:

‘Ciggies’ is out now through all the usual download sites.

Dr Mann was originally the solo project of Danny Mann who is a member of the jangling indie outfit Swimsuit Issue which released a well-received debut album last year (‘Burn For The Buzz’ – read my review here), and is CEO of label and PR group Bueno Bueno Sound. The solo project is now a fully formed band that crosses many genres but maintains a common thread with Mann’s deep melodious vocals and songwriting finesse. Dr Mann are:

Danny Mann / Guitars, Synths, vocals
Ines Burton / Vocals, percussion, synths, guitar
Jaryd Miles / Bass, Vocals
Julian Bouliter / Drums
Stefan Unternaherer / Guitar

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