Track: Runrummer Shares Bedroom-Pop Beauty ‘Not Quite Over You’

Runrummer’s new single ‘Not Quite Over You’ is a brilliant example of how an interesting sound pallet can propel a catchy melody beyond the realms of it’s initial potential.

Bringing together vibrant, 90s chillout influenced electronics with light guitar tones and vibrant, melodic and warming melancholic vocal melodies, the result is a intoxicating soundscape. From the strummed guitar lines, synth, lo-fi beats and subtle dapples of processed backing vocals the track gradually grows into its hyper-catchy chorus as a bouncing electronic bass line highlights the groove, lifting the track before it swells into the ambient, almost 8-bit synth riff.

Led by Runrummer’s elegent lead vocal, the track’s tight and regimented beat is reflected beautifully by the downbeat, emotional nature of the delivery and heartfelt lyricism.

Talking about the single, Runrummer explains: “‘Not Quite Over You’ is a song about heartache for a relationship gone wrong; when you love someone irrevocably but the feeling is unrequited. Now the partner has moved on to someone else but you can’t understand what they have that you couldn’t provide, and you can’t for the life of you get over it. Inspired by the sounds of Fleetwood Mac, drawing similarities particularly in the chorus vocal harmonies, the song is also evocative of boygenius, Phoebe Bridges and Shura, with a vocal tone reminiscent of La Roux.”

Listen below:

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