Track: Dublin Based Singer-Songwriter Katie Kim Shares Haunting New Single ‘Eraser’

Haunting, dark and achingly beautiful, Katie Kim’s new single ‘Eraser’ is nothing short of a work of art.

Layers of bows and almost tribal drums creating an atmospheric, tense backdrop under Kim’s soft yet biting vocal delivery which pierces through the soundscape with great impact and precision as she delivers poetic lyricism. Immediately comparable to Kate Bush, Kim’s unique sound floats between genres with ease, managing to avoid pigeon holing itself, instead having an air of untethered creativness and experimental freedom.

Speaking about her new single, Kim explained – “I have a really vivid memory of writing ‘Eraser’ at around 2am in the morning, straight after watching All The President’s Men. I’m pretty sure it’s not a song directly about Watergate, but the tune and melody began tapping away at me during a scene where Robert Redford, Woodword, meets Deep Throat for the first time in a parking garage. I stayed up for a few hours fleshing it out and mostly wrote it all that night. When it came time to record it, we asked Ellie to come in and see what she thought around percussion and she really added a different dimension to the feel I think. She added an extra sneakiness and playfulness to it, which in turn adds to the feeling of covert operations in the night.”

‘Eraser’ is taken from Kim’s eagerly-awaited album Hour Of The Ox which will be released on 9 September on limited edition vinyl with exclusive pre-orders available here.

Watch the hypnotic new video below.

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