Track: Tom Hannay Shares ‘Fade Out Of View’ From New Album ‘Dog Days’

Singer-songwriting Tom Hannay shares the warming, vintage tinted new single ‘Fade Out Of View’ taken from the new album ‘Dog Days’.

Capturing an essence of Arctic Monkey’s recent album ‘The Car’, ‘Fade Out Of View’ captures a whimsical essence of retro, effortlessly cool 70s charm with it’s analogue production and pillowy, swaying rhythms under Hannay’s emotive, silky, crooning lead vocals. Built around boxy drums, a grounding live bass and layers of piano, swelling synths, strings and dappled guitar lines, the track feels like a film soundtrack with it’s cinematic undertone, a feel which is excentuated in the later section fo the track as the vocals are gradually surrounded by harmonies and a euphoric guitar solo closes the track out.

Speaking about “Fade Out Of View,” Tom says: “I wrote this song during a strange transitional period in my life. I had spent the year living in a motor home, driving around the UK playing shows and visiting friends. It was wonderful but at the same time I started to feel disconnected with reality, as if I was outside of society in general and fading away into oblivion.

As a way of keeping my sanity I decided to start writing a song a day, it was a way of keeping a diary since I would write about experiences or stream of consciousness type stuff. This was one of the songs that came out of this experiment and it struck me that this was in a different league from most of the other songs I had written up until then. Shortly after writing this I was given the opportunity of moving to Iceland to become part of a music collective. It was here that I started to record the album. A few of the songs I had written during my time on the road made it to the album, this was one of those songs.”

Taken from the new album ‘Dog Days’, the track offers a look at the unique blend of vintage tendencies and modern twists that can be found across the album, from the 80’s-esque synth bop ‘The Less I Know’ to the soulful acoustic ballad ‘Dancing In The Spotlight’.

A brilliant album showcasing elements of retro 70s-80s pop, modern synth twists and many stunning, heartfelt moments, Dog Days is an album well worth a listen through. Listen below:

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