Live Review: Imperial Triumphant on their Mother of Greed tour – The Grand Social, Dublin 16,08,2022

New York blackened death metal band Imperial Triumphant graced the stage of Dublin’s The Grand Social for their Mother of Greed tour.
Starting the show with an intro where each member took to the stage separately starting with Kenny Grohowski – drums, then Steve Blanco – bass, vocals, keyboards and finally Zachary Ilya Ezrin – vocals, guitars. The lights were low as to be expected for such a show and a show it is, really a conceptual show as each song merged into the next, the bands whole style and appearance is very theatrical and comes across also in their on stage movements, wearing long black robes & roman god like gold masks, suppose its all in-line with the band name and works very well as their music style incorporates some avant-garde jazz infusion which you might think wont work with death metal but believe me it does and these guys do it very good!
At one point during the show Zachary took a bottle of Champagne, shook it up and sprayed the crowd and then proceeded to fill crowd members glasses and one female member holding her head back as he poured the last of it into her mouth from a height after which he handed the empty bottle over to Steve who then proceeded play the bass with the empty bottle.
The show might have been a little short with the bands set just lasting close to over an hour which included a two song encore, but also the intensity of showmanship of the band really gets you emerged in their god like world, at times making me thing of the Sean Connery film Zardoz (think it was the masks)
so it feels like it has gone by in a flash and they do say all good things are over to fast. Over it was and everyone there left happy, so! that’s what counts.

Set List.
Tower of Glory, City of Shame (Includes Intro)
Merkurius Gilded
VO 1 (Pre-taped Female Speaking)
Atomic Age
Transmission to Mercury
Bass Solo ( Steve takes over the stage with his bass playing)
Chernobyl Blues
Vo 2 (Pre-taped Female Speaking)
Maximalist Scream
Swarming Opulence
Rotted Futures

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