Track: Kraken Showcase Genre Bending Originality On Explosive New Single ‘Khan Market Gang’

A unique blend of complex, shredding guitar lines, tight rhythms and punching rap, Kraken possess a unique style unlike any other band I’ve ever heard before. The Delhi based 5-piece allow each member of the band to bring their own influence and style bringing together an intoxicating blend of rock, hip-hop, bhangra and electronic all in one cohesive and exciting package.

Showcasing some astoundingly good guitar playing which is not only packed with difficulty but also musical subtlety, allowing the riffs space to be considered catchy whilst retaining a high level of musical complexity, the new single ‘Khan Market Gang’ is simply stunning.

The insane guitar work coupled with the tight, choppy rhythms, bhangra influenced note selection and the moments of washing synth is clearly the work of a band at the peak of their abilities both as writers and performers – a brilliantly quirky, musically joyous and exciting experience. Topping the intense synth-rock backing is some equally competent and well flowing rap which pulls the track towards the realms of hip-hop, like a new age Rage Against The Machine, full of musical prowess, depth and insatiable energy.

Speaking to us about the release the band explain said: 

New Delhi is reflected in each of our songs. The nightlife, the streets, the food, the people and the architecture – Everything we’ve experienced growing up, looking at and experiencing foreign influences through the eyes of an Indian living in a fast globalising world and how cultures are shopped and adopted as they are no longer foreign anymore, but we are able to build our bonds with it and how they become a part of who we are, and who we become. 

Khan Market Gang is a song that personifies our love for Delhi, its people and our experiences in this lonely city. And that personification happens through the eyes of 5 musicians who are not only heavily influenced both by skilfully executed rock and rap music, but also by Bhangra, Folk and Bollywood.

Club Namaste, the EP challenged us in making life choices to prioritise making music and expressing over a lot of other things that Indian society holds in higher regard than music. We didn’t stop until we each resonated with the music together and were absolutely convinced that we had created something honest, real and was truly the sound we all heard in our minds.”

Kraken are an exciting band with heaps of promise and deserving of all the attention coming their way and more. I fully expect them to explode sooner or later.

Watch the video for the new single ‘Khan Market Gang’ below:

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