Track: Ana Silvera releases second single ‘ Halos’ from forthcoming album ‘The Fabulist’

Early Frost- by Ana Silvera. Photo by Alice Williamson

Songstress Ana Silvera continues to shine in her delivery of song, vocal artistry and storytelling with her newest track ‘ Halos ‘; the second single from her forthcoming album ‘ The Fabulist’. We had the pleasure of reviewing her feature single’ Ghosts’ . ‘Halo’ continues to evoke celestial and spiritual growth from a year of personal trauma from Silvera, unabashed by using music as a tool for the confessional. Known for her lyrical, emotive alt-folk and bluegrass approach, ‘Halos’ is almost delivered like a prayer, addressing loss and remembering tiny, precious details that bring loved ones that are gone back to life. What I particularly admire about Silvera, especially with this track is her ability to echo the purity of Joni Mitchell yet sound completely like herself with her powerful lyrics and truly wonderful musicianship ; she paints vignettes of her life in a style that’s uniquely her own, meandering between the folk , contemporary and strong art- pop stylings. Of the track itself, Ana says : “Every time I perform this song it feels like a kind of prayer – I see the frozen furrows of winter fields and the birds wheeling in circles in the evening sky, or a pale morning mist descending on the dawn, like a benediction. It’s a song
addressed to and about my brother, about the altered air left in the wake of loss…about bravery and resolve… how remembering him is not done in broad sweeps but in those tiny, precious details – a ring of smoke, a strand of hair on a pillow, the slant of a certain light, a moment of tangible love amidst chaos.”

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