Track: Mica Millar’s soulful ‘ Preacher Man ‘

Mica Millar- Preacher Man

Independent, UK soul newcomer Mica Millar has bursted unto the scene with a compelling new single, ‘Preacher Man’, – the first taste of her debut album ‘Heaven Knows’ coming June 2022. 

An effortless storyteller with soulful qualities delivered in abundance, Manchester’s Mica Millar presents her strongest narrative yet in the forthcoming release, ‘Preacher Man’ – a heart wrenching tale of a spiritual encounter that offers an empowering perspective on escaping from capitalism in pursuit of what it truly means to be human. With its addictive chorus imbued with her flawless smoky vocal Mica implores us to “jump for your life” and exhaust our time on Earth for all it’s worth. Mica reminds us of an early Alice Russell meets Laura Mvula. Millar’s songwriting is compelling and confident of the blues tradition , rousing chorus against an equally stunning music video . Whilst the music stands on it’s own, it is Mica’s personal story which makes her stand out in a sea of blue eyed soul songstresses: her forthcoming album ‘ Heaven Knows’ was created during a tumultuous time in Mica’s life. With the pandemic at large, recording came to a halt when she broke her back, narrowly escaping permanent paralysis. The healing process suffice to say was long, yet Mica persevere against all odds, in what promises to be a story of triumph , strength and celebration of human resilience.

Mica Millar- Preacher Man
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