Track: Fizzy Orange Shine On Fuzzy, Yet Light & Psychedelic New Single ‘CHOO CHOO’

Fizzy Orange share the psychedelic, intense yet light and joyous new single ‘CHOO CHOO’.

As comparable in parts to The Beatles and The Beach Boys as it is in others to Squid, the single is at once once vibrant and fresh, and also warming and nostalgic. A playful homage to the Dublin train experience, ‘CHOO CHOO’ balances its tongue-in-cheek lyricism with a vibrant psych-rock backdrop of fuzzy bass, delay tinted guitar riffs, boxy drumming and swelling keyboard. Topped with the unapologetically vintage vocal style, layered with Beach Boys-esque harmonies, the result is a wholesome and euphoric track stooped in an ultra-cool alternative and vintage sound pallet.

The band explain: “We first played this tune during a writing session in an attic in co. Leitrim last year. Kev (lead singer) had penned the lyrics about the experience of using our local train service in Dublin. The Dublin-Area-Rapid-Transit or the DART as it’s better known. Always late, northbound or southbound, we all got his experience straight away.

It was originally played as a fairly stripped-back blues. But once that distorted repetitive guitar riff came in from Jack (lead guitar) we knew this track had to come up to that energy. We recorded it a few days later in Sonic Studios back in Dublin. It’s our heaviest playing so far, the bass and drums could have filled out the track by themselves! Complemented with classic boogie-woogie piano playing and 60’s vocal harmonies, our own style and sound really starts to creep in.”

Fizzy Orange’s distinctive sound, characterized by an analogue amalgamation of 60s songwriting, 70s studio techniques, and 80s home recording revolution, has garnered widespread acclaim since their emergence in 2020. Having sold out iconic venues across the UK and Ireland, the band’s grassroots, DIY ethos has stayed strong, showcasing their remarkable ability to grow independently whilst retaining authenticity.

Listen below:

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