News: Ella Rossi Shares Playful New Single ‘Can’t You Tell’

Rising star Ella Rossi, shares the playful new single ‘Can’t You Tell.’ The track, which seamlessly fuses a relaxed pop vibe with the modern charm of R&B, showcases Ella’s undeniable energy and vocal prowess, leaving listeners entranced from the very first note.

The song’s beat, both laid-back and lively, complements the romantic essence of the lyrics. Ella’s vocal delivery is nothing short of enchanting, highlighted by moments of stripped-back sections that showcase impressive harmonies. Collaborating with producer Gamal, the duo crafted the song’s initial demo over Zoom before bringing it to life in the cozy confines of Gamal’s home studio.

Reflecting on the creation process, Ella shared, “Funny story, I’m usually the type of person who likes to write melodies over chord progressions but one day I was making a sandwich and this melody and lyrics idea came to me ‘I feel this feeling that I’ve never felt…’ so I sent the voice note to Gamal and he worked his magic. Before ‘Can’t You Tell,’ I stayed pretty consistent in writing slow electric guitar heartbreak ballads. This time around I really wanted to show a more playful side to my character and my sound.”

In a world where the dynamics of dating and human connection have shifted, Ella’s track resonates with its flirtatious, relatable theme. She acknowledges the challenges of expressing emotions in the current generation, noting that people seem to be less open about their feelings. “I’m sure we’ve all been in a situation where we like someone and we’re sending them all kinds of signals but they still can’t get the hint,” Ella explained. She hopes that listeners, after experiencing the song’s infectious energy, will be encouraged to take bold steps in their own romantic pursuits.

Ella Rossi’s musical journey started at the tender age of 9, when she made her international television debut on Italy’s RAI 1 network. Influenced by icons such as Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and Billie Holiday, she immersed herself in the rich sounds of the Great American Songbook. However, her musical palette expanded to encompass modern pop artists like Ariana Grande, Sade, Jazmine Sullivan, and Sabrina Claudio. Growing up in diverse environments, Ella’s multilingual upbringing—speaking Italian, French, and Spanish—added another layer of uniqueness to her musical identity.

The culmination of her diverse influences has given birth to a sound that’s uniquely Ella Rossi—a vibrant blend of jazz undertones, vivid melodies, and irresistible energy. After a two-year hiatus, Ella is returning stronger than ever, with her debut EP ‘Heart Eyes’ set to drop later this year. As anticipation builds, it’s evident that Ella Rossi is poised to carve her own path as an artist, bringing her signature charm and a refreshing sonic palette to a global audience.
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