Track: It’s ‘Your Show’ – Lisa Caruso unveils the slow burning fuse of her second single off forthcoming EP ‘Stretching’.

A soft almost Morse Code-like beep introduces Lisa Caruso‘s new single ‘Your Show’ before the slow burn fuse sparks into a flame. Caruso’s sensuous style is at the fore – languid, yearning and passionate, a ground swell of instrumentation that carries her velvet vocals on a wave, ebbing and flowing, advancing and receding.

In Caruso’s words:

‘In life, in love, in music and art..”- this…track calls upon us to let go of existential notions and ‘do life’ our own way.

Indeed the lyrics express a certain sense of resilience and defiance in the face of change – perhaps one that as an artist and as a woman, Caruso faces in real life:

You had it all planned out
In life, in love, in music and art
I never wanted all the things that came with this
I’m not too old, too different
Balance, don’t listen to them
It’s better when it’s your show
Your show, your show

The sense of unadulterated joy and passion bleeds into the euphoric video directed by Caruso herself and Adam Singer, a hint of impending motherhood and pride perhaps detectable as Caruso dances expressively and immersed in her own world:

This is exciting music from a incredibly gifted artist, whose work reflects the dynamism of Sharon Van Etten and the silky sounds of M83. ‘Your Show’ is out today and available to download and stream though all the usual sites and through the link below:

‘Stretching’, Caruso’s new EP, is out on 15 September 2023.

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